TEMIS final deliverables

Innovative Technologies
for Personalized Medicine Services
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SUDOE funding

The TEMIS project is produced thanks to co-financing from the European Union and the FEDER in addition to the SUDOE territorial cooperation programme.


TEMIS final deliverables

The TEMIS project ended in December 2014.

The project partners have drawn the conclusions of the project and a report has been prepared in accordance with the expectations of the SUDOE program.


You can find the main public deliverables here:

Télécharger le fichier «TEMIS Compendium-EN.pdf» (8.7 MB)

Télécharger le fichier «Report GT6_Promotion activities & Capitalisation of results (EN).pdf» (6.9 MB)

Télécharger le fichier «TEMIS Project - Business Model Definition& Market Analysis - Executive Summary.pdf» (283.6 KB)