Smart clothe

Innovative Technologies
for Personalized Medicine Services
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SUDOE funding

The TEMIS project is produced thanks to co-financing from the European Union and the FEDER in addition to the SUDOE territorial cooperation programme.


Smart clothe

The objectives of this activity will be to develop a sensorized garment capable to monitor physiological parameters like heart rate, respiratory rate and skin temperature, while the person is performing daily activity.

  • The solution will be wearable during long periods of time, providing comfort to the user.  This implies the garment will be washable and comfortable.
  • The solution will be portable and autonomous since the user has to be able to move out of the controlled environment. This implies long life battery and wireless communications.
  • The solution will provide feedback to the user in order to engage and improve the relationship. This implies communication with a portable interactive unit, smartphone.
  • The solution will be reliable. Guarantee no data lost in any circumstance. This implies the solution will be capable to store local data coming from the sensors while there is no communication with the interactive terminal.