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SUDOE funding

The TEMIS project is produced thanks to co-financing from the European Union and the FEDER in addition to the SUDOE territorial cooperation programme.



An evaluation phase is planned as part of the project. It will take place in several stages:

  • Preparation for deployment, including:
    • Drawing up test protocols: a protocol for healthy subjects and a protocol for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.
    • At the same time, defining the methods used to process the physiological data.
    • Submission to the local ethical committees.
    • Selecting volunteers.
  • Carrying out the experiment with healthy subjects and patients: an evaluation of physical activity and its physiological consequences for the 120 patients and volunteers concerned in Toulouse and Lisbon.
  • An analysis of the results: analysis of the results in terms of medical impacts and technical impacts (acceptability, ease of use...).

Different populations with different degrees of physical activity will be evaluated:

  • 40 young healthy subjects (20 in Toulouse and 20 in Lisbon)
  • 20 young obese subjects whose physical activity we know to be limited (10 in Toulouse et 10 in Lisbon)
  • 40 elderly subjects with no pathology limiting physical activity (20 in Toulouse (10 of whom are matched by age and sex with the Parkinson’s patients (cf. below)) and 20 in Lisbon)
  • 10 Parkinson’s patients in the early stages of the disease and/or well balanced by the treatment
  • 10 patients with Parkinson’s disease or a Parkinsonian syndrome, with significant akinesia.

By choosing Parkinson’s patients whose motor activity will be slightly or very affected, we are able to evaluate the system on well-characterised populations.

Physical activity will be evaluated over a period of 7 consecutive days.

An evaluation of motor difficulties (akinesia) during standardised movements and abnormal movements (trembling, dyskinesia) will be carried out with the Kinect console in a pilot study of 10 Parkinson’s patients with or without treatment.

The evaluation will be carried out during a day’s hospitalisation. The recorded data will be compared with the visual data and the evaluation as it is traditionally carried out by a neurologist (the widely approved UPDRS rating scale). 

The volunteers and patients will be evaluated over a year (in 2014). Recruiting of subjects will be shared between Toulouse and Lisbon.